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Liquid Reality

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April 26th, 2004

12:43 am - WW2 & its effect on the middle East
Talk about a historical ripple, I've been wondering lately what the middle east would be like today if WW2 had never happened, if the holocaust never occurred.

I read that approximately 6 million Jewish people were killed in the holocaust. What I keep wondering is how would Palestine/Israel look today if those people had never been killed.

Would Israel even exist? When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor it awoke the sleeping giant. Ever since America has rallied to the aid of those in need, Israel, Vietnam, etc. The question I find myself asking is if the world is a better place since the sleeping giant has awoken.

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April 25th, 2004

09:14 pm - Things that go bump in the night..
I have always been a skeptic of the occult, of paranormal experiences. I don't know why but the normal fear induced by thing like Exorcist, Amittyville, etc. (movies) never really scared me. I mean, yes they had their shock value, there is no denying that the body does go through a fright/flight reaction when thing happen on screen.

But I never really believed it. This coming from a former Catholic, I mean my god it should have been instilled in me after all those years of schooling and indoctrination. So I set out to do some research. I visited sited like: (http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/) a site with over 7400 ghost encounters documented by people. I started reading excerpts from the Warrens book (noted demonologists who dealt with the real life exorcist and Amittyville cases).

What was my response you might ask? Total and complete fear. My spine literally tingled, hair stood up on my neck, I actually found myself saying prayers at night to myself, asking Jesus to watch over and protect our home from wayward spirits.

Had I, by simply reading of others experiences been sucked into a group hallucination and belief in the paranormal? The biggest thing I found myself questioning was this - if it is not real, how can so many otherwise normal people have so many odd occurences? Logic would dictate that they are either have some sort of brain disease/affliction, are making it up, or that it was real. If it is real it flies in the face of everything I have come to not believe, or should I say not believe.
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09:07 pm
Welcome to Liquid Reality. My name is Steve and I will be your host here at Liquid Reality. I welcome you and look forward to many interesting conversations.

Why Liquid Reality? Put simply, I believe that reality as we know it is liquid in nature, constantly fluctuating, constantly changing. This journal will explore events that cause ripples in our known reality. There is no limit to the types of events that will be explored, social, political, paranormal, the possibilities are limitless.

It should be fun and prompt creative thought, welcome.

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